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Attention band members and parents:

We will offer various fundraising for the students. Participation is optional; however, the band boosters provide many things for the students throughout the year. The student contribution only covers part of the expenses. Fundraising is crucial in order for us to continue to provide the students with the best possible marching band experience. While most of the profit goes directly to your student, some profit will go to the general fund to cover expenses incurred by the boosters for student activities.  Credits will also carry over to next year. There will be a GOLD box in the band room with paper order forms. There will be a BLUE box in the band room for orders and payments to be turned in. We will be post on the website and Facebook.


Fundraising Q&A

We have Anderson's Candy Bars for students to sell! There are 30 mixed bars in bag, the bars sell for $1 each, the student gets 10 credits per bag sold. Parents or students can get the bars from any board member when we are at the school for practices and at the monthly booster meeting. UPDATE: Candy can only be signed out before call time for a game if it is set up in advance with a board member! It is too chaotic and volunteers are VERY busy when the kids are preparing for a game!!

Only a check or money order payable to Ringgold Band Boosters can be accepted for payment! NO CASH PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED!  Bags are only given with a payment of $30 per bag! Please remember to put the students name on the memo and the envelope for payment so the proper credits can be documented.

Orders Due 2/15

s to be made on 2/29

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Sarris Easter 2024.jpg

Martin's Hanging Baskets


Vouchers will be distributed at a later date for pick-up.

Martins Flowers 8-2023_edited.jpg
Flower pic.jpg


Cash payments will not be accepted for fundraisers!

Your fundraiser must be turned in with all forms completed and 1 Check or money order from the parent/ guardian or student only! Please put student name in memo.

**Your fundraising form will be returned to you for proper payment if these guidelines are not followed! No fundraiser will be held up for a proper payment to be returned!

***Students must participate in at least 4 fundraisers in order to be eligible for a trip contribution from the Band Boosters with the stipulation that hoagie and candy bar sales each count as 1 regardless of how many times they sell hoagie/candy bars.

Any questions can be sent to the Booster remind or email a board member

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