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Marching band fundraisers are essential to the program's success, helping to pay for a variety of expenses. Although the majority of the profit goes into band members account, a small portion goes towards Booster sponsored activities.  


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Raffle ticket

The Marching Band is selling Raffle tickets again this year in collaboration with the football team.  Each Band Member is required to sell 5.  Payment is required upon receipt of tickets.  Check or money order is to be made out to Ringgold Band Boosters.  Credits will be put in the band members account.


Band hoagies

Each month the band will sell hoagies.  Orders are due with check or money order made out to Ringgold Band Boosters.  No late orders will be accepted.  Everyone is asked to help make them.


Martins flowers

We will sell flowers from Martins Nursery in the fall and spring.  Vouchers will be distributed when it is time to pick up the flowers.


Sarris candy

Sarris candy will be sold at Christmas and Easter.  Brochure orders should be totaled and paid with one check or money order made out to Ringgold Band Boosters.  Online orders ship directly to the customer for a small fee.  The band members name needs to be added to allow proper credit to be given.  The Group ID# will also need to be added.


Anderson candy bars

A variety pack of 30 individual candy bars are available for band members to sell.  Payment with check or money order made out to Ringgold Band Boosters is due upon receipt of candy.  NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED


Candy gram

At every home game the Boosters will sell Candy Grams.  An Anderson candy bar can be purchased for any band member with a personal message included.  It will be delivered after their halftime performance.

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